How Do I Know If My Dua Is Accepted? – 200% Guarantee Success Proofs

If you have question about How Do I Know If My Dua Is Accepted? – 200% Guarantee Success Proofs, then read this article carefully, today i will teach answer you in detail about Signs That Your Dua Is Accepted. The most amazing and interesting thing about our Islam is that Allah has provided us with so many duas and wazifas that are effective and result-oriented and offer signs to us that Allah is accepting our dua.

You are only required to look for certain symbols and signs that will help you if you want to know how I know if Allah has accepted my dua/wazifa. In this post, we will inform you about all the signs you must look out for. So, here we go.

  • A Recurrent Dream

A dream is one of the ways to make us talk with Allah. He cannot speak like humans. That’s why he sends certain objects and symbols in our dream. Hence, if you see a horse in your dream running wild in the field or standing in the stable, then you should understand that Allah’s good sign is that Allah accepts your dua.

  • Recurring Numbers

If you see the same number twice, again and again, this is also a good sign that Allah has accepted your wish. The numbers you may see like 111, 333, 555, and more.

  • Seeing A Famous Figure In A Dream

If you see a celebrity or personality in your dreams that is always in the eyes of the public or the limelight, it’s again a common sign that your dua is being accepted. That personality may be an actor, sportsperson, writer, signer, etc.

  • Seeing The Great Prophet In A Dream

Not every person can get this kind of dream usually. But, if you do, you are the luckiest person in this world. First, it is such a beautiful dream when you see our great Prophet in the dream, and second. It is the biggest sign that Allah fulfills your desire.

  • Seeing Green And Red Colors More Prominently Around You

If you observe that many things around you are mostly of green or red colors like the color of the dress, or the color of fruits or vegetables around you, or many other things in the surroundings are of green or red colors. It would help if you were assured that these are the great and positive things telling you something good will happen in your life soon.

These all are the great signs that help you to know that your prayers have been answered by Allah and will be fulfilled soon as Allah has showered his blessings upon you. You must keep your eyes and mind open and observe these signs daily.

If you follow any of the above-mentions signs or symbols in your daily routine, congratulations! Your problems will not stay anymore as Allah will provide you with the best way to tackle your difficulties, and your life will change beautifully as you desire.

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