How To Do Wudu Step By Step? – 8 Basic Steps To Wudu


Today i will tel you How To Do Wudu Step By Step? – 8 Basic Steps To Wudu in details, wudu is most important in islam so read all carefully. The basic steps that are involved in performing wudu are explained below:

Know About How To Do Wudu Step By Step? – 8 Basic Steps To Wudu?

  • Step 1: Niyyah

You need first to make niyyah to Allah that you are ready to perform wudu (ablution) for the sake of Allah by calming your thoughts and making your body, soul, and mind prepare so that you are attentive and performing wudu with all your heart and dedication in front of Allah. You should say Bismillah and make the positive intention in your heart that you want to perform wudu.

  • Step 2: Wash your hands

Now, you need to wash your hands. It would help if you washed your hands by each limb three times with proper water. It would help if you began with the right-hand side as it is sunnah to wash your right hand first.

  • Step 3: Wash your mouth

After that, you need to wash your mouth three times. You can also do miswak as it is sunnah while rinsing your mouth if required.

  • Step 4: Wash your nose

Next, you must take some water in your left hand and wash your nose three times. Make sure you clean your nose properly so that the water will go inside the nose to make it wet completely.

  • Step 5: Wash your face

Now, you should wash your face three times. You must ensure that the face has been properly wet from forehead to chin.

  • Step 6: Wash your arms

After that, it’s time to wash your arms properly by beginning with the right arm from your fingertips to your elbow. You should clean each arm three times properly and repeat the same process for the left arm.

  • Step 7: perform Masaah

Now, you must take some water in both hands and remove the excess water. Then, you should bring your hands to your forehead and slowly wipe your hairs in a sweeping motion from front to back and then back to show again. Afterward, you should bring your index finger to your ears and clean them properly from the inside with wet hands.

  • Steps 8: Wash your feet

You need to wash your right feet first with water from the toenail to above the ankle and repeat the same process for the left feet as well. You can use your finger to wipe away the dust from between your toes and you are done! It is the last step of performing wudu.

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